An Experienced Councillor for Tough Times

Wokingham Borough remains the country’s worst-funded local authority, as it has been for many years.

At the same time, prudent Conservative management of local government has enabled a high standard of services to be maintained.

Charlotte Haitham Taylor says: “We all value our weekly rubbish and recycling collections, our great schools and our leisure facilities.

“However, with the Council’s direct grant from central government set to continue falling to zero, and even below, further economies will be necessary, on top of the efficiency savings we have already implemented. At the same time, my team and I are actively investigating new ways of raising revenue within the Borough, in order that we can become financially self-sufficient, protecting and enhancing our ability to deliver services into the future.

“Navigating from here to 2020 is not going to be easy. Tough decisions will have to be made. I have been a Councillor for seven years now, the last five in the decision-making Executive. Now as the Leader of the Council, I want to put all my experience and know-how to work for our residents from the present until 2020.”